SJ Automation as official Parker Hannifin distributor offers control technology components, motion control devices, frequency inverters as well as pneumatic parts, quick couplings, valves and many others.   

   Within pneumatic offer you can find piston rod cylinders conforming ISO 15552, serie P1F and P1F0T, ISO 6432 P1A, ISO 21287 P1P, short stroke cylinders P1Q, stainless steel ISO 6431/6432 P1S, miniature P1G, OSPP actuators with carriage, optionally equipped linear guide, Origa actuators, pneumatic vane motors P1V-A and with increased service life P1V-M, also radial P1VP, stainless steel made P1V-S. 

   Either you can find here valves and electro valves Viking Extreme, Viking Lite, ISO 5599-1 DX, mechanical valves S9, K9 and B, valve island Moduflex, ISYS Micro, PVL-B/PVL-B2. Air preparation systems P31/P32/P33 and P3L, P3X, P3Y, P3Z. Connectors and all Legris’s offer and either Rectus. 

   We also offer industrial armature components, sucg a Lucifer electro valves series 7321, Magnalift, PA, Namur, proportional valves EPP3 and EPP4 and others. 

   In our motion technology offer we have frequency inverters AC10, AC30, AC690, AC890 and DC drives 590 as well. You can either find Parker servo drives PSD, Compax3, HiDrive, SLVD-N, servomotors SMH, SMB, SME, MH, MB, ME, low cogging motors NX, servo motors for explosion proof EX (for atex Zone 1) and EY series (for atex zone 2), spindle high speed motors up to 45 000 rpm – serie MGV, NV. We also have GVM permament magnet motors for mobile applications. 

   Together with motion technology products we can offer precision cylinders driven by servomotor, belt and screw driven actuators, precision actuators with ballscrew. We also have complete electromechanical units for explosion proof areas. Together with EX or EY servomotors we can deliver complete unit prepared for opertion in zone 1 or 2. 

   As company, we have experience in industry and we are glad to be your business partner, support you in any stage of your project delivering deep knowledge and flexibility.